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Privacy Policy

Dear User,

By using our website or services at krukbook.pl, you (client) agree to and accept the terms of our privacy policy.

MaxMax (henceforth: ‚We’, ‚the company’, ‚service provider’) the company which is the owner of krukbook.co.uk and the KrukBook brand, reserves the rights to change the terms of our Privacy Policy. Current Privacy Policy will always be presented on this website. You can contact the administrator of this website at poczta@krukbook.pl

The terms of our Privacy Policy is applicable to all users. Our ground rule is that we never give out, sell or otherwise disclose any of your personal data to third parties. The only exception to this rule is when users consciously make their personal data public on this website.

Personal data can be made available to the authorities if entitled to obtain such data in accordance with current legislation or other applicable laws or court orders. In order to use the this website you will need to register: we will ask you to provide contact info, such as your e-mail, login and a password. This data will be used and processed only for purposes related to fulfilment of orders, delivery, using our services, as well as statistical and marketing purposes.

We reserve the right to send unannounced messages to users, whose data have been obtained via this website. By messages we mean commercial and non-commercial information related to our products and our cooperating partners. We are aware that certain messages may be inconvenient for our users and we will do our best not to bother you with them too often. If you do not wish to receive such messages, you are welcome to change the configuration of your account accordingly. Each message will also contain a link to the ‚opt out’ function.

We use cookies to enable efficient navigation on this website. These files are not harmful to your computer and we recommend to enable them in your browser. This will improve you user experience.

It is forbidden to collect personal data of users without their consent. Any disputes arising in connection with terms of this policy and terms and conditions of our services shall be settled by the court competent for the registered office of the service provider.

Exclusion of liability

The service provider cannot be held accountable for personal opinions of users or their comments published or expressed in any way on this website. Authors of comments are fully responsible for content they publish on this website.