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Terms and conditions of our service

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By using the services provided by KrukBook or any services ordered through this website you (client) agree to follow and be bound by these terms and conditions:


By using the services provided by KrukBook or any services ordered through this website you declare that you are the owner of the copyright to the submitted materials or works (generally, the book’s content including images, text and any other copyrighted items). Should any rights of third parties be abused in any way, the client who placed the order takes full responsibility, including legal and financial responsibility regarding any losses on the side of KrukBook which may occur due to the abuse of copyright or related laws by the client.

Discounts and promotions

A client accepts terms and conditions of promotions and discounted offers when placing an order for discounted or promotional services or products. We reserve the right to end discounts and promotional offers at any time.

Payments are made on the basis of invoices. After we receive the payment, a VAT invoice will be issued and it’s image will be sent to a client via e-mail. Paper originals can be collected at our offices in Lodz.

From 01.10.2013, all orders are processed via client panel only. Each order is assigned a unique number. Order specs cannot be changed once a client confirms it.

Production and delivery time
We will do our best so that each order is delivered on time and produced with due diligence. However, maintaining high quality standards requires a production time of up to 15 business days. In case this time increases, the client will be informed about the expected delivery time via client panel.
Production and delivery time may increase during holiday season and revised delivery times will be announced on our website. The new expected time of delivery will apply to orders placed after the announcement.


Shipping services are provided by a company chosen by KrukBook.

Return Policy

If you have received a faulty product, please send us pictures showing the product’s defect. If the picture does not make it possible to asses the defect we might ask you to send the product in question back to us for further examination (shipping costs in this case are covered by the client). The returned product has to be appropriately packed and secured with the same protective materials used for shipping it to the client. Use our company’s current mailing address as provided on this website.

If the return is accepted, we will repair the product in question.

If the return is accepted, shipping costs up to 20 pln will be returned to the client with the next order.
If the return is not accepted, the product will be send back to the clients at their expense.

Only orders which have been paid for will be recognised as eligible for return. Overdue payments must be settled before the return procedure starts. Only defects related to the printing or binding are eligible for return: such as lines, stains, large dots (above 1mm) or other bookbinding errors. Errors or defects resulting from the design or inappropriate use of software are not eligible for return.

Uncoated paper may not be uniform in its mass due to its manufacturing process.

By accepting an order, we undertake to calibrate our printing devices to provide the best possible colour fidelity. However, due to inherent differences between print and display technologies, it is impossible to achieve the same exact rendition of every tone or colour.

Lowered quality of print resulting from file compression, insufficient resolution of uploaded image files will not be accepted as grounds for products returns, as it is a direct result of user error (whether the user is aware of it or not).

If the package in which the product was shipped is damaged, the client is obliged to check its contents for damages and whether it is consistent with the order. If any products are damaged or inconsistent with  the order, the client should fill in a damage report/certificate in the presence of the courier. Failure to provide a valid damage report makes it impossible for us to accept any responsibility for products damaged during the shipping process, as such a document is the only basis for claiming compensation for undue fulfilment of shipping services.

We want our books to last long and remain beautiful forever. However, water, humidity, chemicals, mechanical damage or exposure to high temperatures (above 50 degrees Celsius) may be detrimental to our products or it may even irreversibly damage them. Paper breathes, it absorbs and exchanges humid air or vapour with its surroundings. The side effect of this process may be observed as slight waving of paper, which will disappear with time if the book is kept in appropriate (dry) conditions. However, if you speed up the drying process you may make the waviness permanent. Books should be stored horizontally.

We would like to stay in touch with you – our clients – and inform you from time to time about our new products, discounts or special offers. By registering with your services you agree to receive our newsletter and info about our services and products. You may opt out from our mailing list at any time.

The liability of our company is limited to the value of the order.
We reserve the right to temporarily withhold our services. In the unlikely event of our services being withheld, we will inform our clients about this via our website.