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We care about trees, as they are becoming an increasingly rare view in the modern world. That is why we care about the paper we use, its production and its origin. We only use papers with FSC and PEFC certificates.
FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council
PEFC stands for Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes. It is an international non-governmental organisation established to promote sustainable forest management

These two certificates guarantee that the wood used for the production of the paper came from controlled and properly managed forestries.

Available papers:


150 gsm

One of a kind archival grade artistic paper for the exceptional works. Books printed on this paper are simply amazing. People who love to experience photographs as tactile objects  will particularly enjoy the look and feel of this natural paper and its unique texture. We dare say it adds a bit of magic to every image.

We believe that for the best viewer experience, images printed on this paper should be presented on white background or with a white frame. It is ideal for black and white photojournalistic photographs and fine art prints.

Uncoated, wood-free, acid-free, high bulk.

Available in two versions:

natural white  L 95, A 0, B 2
cream white L 95,7 A -0.8, B 5.4


semi gloss 170 gsm  and 200 gsm

This paper is typical for photographic publications and is suitable for most types of imagery. Its smooth semi-gloss surface enhances the perception of contrast making the images more life-like.
If you want the modern look and feel of your works, this paper is definitely for you. The smooth surface and coating help achieve deep and uniform blacks. Works well in every publication.

Multi-coated, wood-free, glossy finish.

The 200 gr/m2 version is recommended for L and XL sized books, up to 160 pages. Ideal for portfolio books and any publications intended for frequent viewing, or whenever extra rigidity is required. The 160 gr/m2 version is more than enough for normal use.