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Volume orders

Digital print is perfect for volume orders which are unfeasible with offset print. The threshold of cost effectiveness usually is about 300 copies for offset. With digital, CTP plates or similar technologies are not necessary, which considerably shortens production time and decreases production costs. It also allows greater product customisation.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of our offer for large orders is that you can order proof print of a complete product, before the high volume print. This way you can test your book designs in real life and be certain that the final product will look exactly how you want it.

ideal for:

  • photography albums
  • portfolio showcases for photographers, painters, sculptors, architects, models
  • family events albums (weddings, religious ceremonies, anniversaries, birthdays, etc)
  • cookbooks
  • test prints for book designs
  • high quality inserts for offset publications (photo publishing)
  • any application requiring high quality print

Please contact us for detailed pricing for large orders (please tell us the number of pages, copies and the type of finish)