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FlatBook Classic

For true connoisseurs and book enthusiasts with highest expectations: we proudly present our new product: the FlatBook Classic. We put all our passion and technical knowledge into the design
process and combined it with advanced machinery and the highest quality of print to bring you this marvel.

FlatBook Classic is stitched in sections, which enables full spread to be shown without losing image area. Each section contains 12 stitched pages, sections are then bound together to create a
unique classic album. The minimum number of pages is 48, and the maximum is 320 (multiples of 12).

Basic specs:

Papers– uncoated paper 150g
Linen– all available linen
Endsheets – 240 gsm uncoated paper or printable (with logo, monogram or a delicate pattern)


  • can be opened flat with no loss in image area
  • glue free binding
  • 48 – 320 pages
  • classic form
  • all available linen
  • only uncoated paper 150gsm
  • printable end sheets (logo, monogram or a delicate pattern)


M – 22×22, 22×26 (vertical)
L – 30×30, 33×28
XL – 40×30

How to order?

Just click the „flatbook classic” option when you order through the client panel.

How do I design a Flatbook?

The easiest way is to use our software, but you can use third party software as well.

When using third party software remember to set the inside bleed (at the spine) to 0 mm. Flatbook Classic does not require special design proces (like the original Flatbook) and is the best and easiest way to achieve full spread designs with the content of your images intact.



DSCF8907 DSCF8919 DSCF8910 DSCF9098 DSCF9093











A close up of the stitching pictured above shows how precise and aesthetically delicate this type of binding is. Such minute details make all the difference to our clients, who love the Flatbook Classic. Be believe you (and your clients!) will love it too.