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KrukBook Standard

This is where it all began – our standard book premiered a year ago and instantly won your hearts. The most tear-proof book on the market. It will keep your images safe within a beautiful cover. You can choose between canvas, canvas+dust jacket and photo covers.


  • durable glue free binding
  • up to 200 pages
  • all available types of finish
  • full choice of end sheets
  • full choice of end sheets


M – 22×22, 26×22, 28×21, 30×20, 22×26
L – 30×30, 33×28, 35×26, 25×30
XL – 40×30, 40×27, 30×36*

30×36 only available with linen cover

How to order?

Just design your album and order it through our software, or login and follow the instructions.

How do I design my album?

The easiest way is to use our software, but you can use third party software as well. All the necessary info about page and cover sizes are available in our guide.


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