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Adam Miozga

Today I got the first two albums made by KrukBook, 20×20, about 120 pages. I kind of did them as a last resort, as I grew tired of Blurb, and the reviews on forums seemed promising. My experience in the field includes Blurb and Polish xerox machines (fotonet, digitalalbum)

My impressions:


– first and foremost – much better cover quality in comparison to Blurb, in fact, there is no comparison. The guys from Blurb should how it should be done properly, or how we do it in Poland 🙂

At last – a truly sewn spine, the cover opens very nice, without any noises, etc. Excellent effect with simple materials, or so it seems (i.e. a very nice intro page made out of thicker paper, for extra rigidity). The drama with Blurb covers was the main reason I tried KrukBook.

– raster/screen really is smaller than Blurb’s, for me it’s hardly noticeable. It seems that images are smoother because of this, perhaps even more pleasing to the eye, not over-sharpened (like Blurb), perhaps there are even more tonal gradations. Colour saturation is comparable, which means it is OK.

– really fast delivery (less than a week) – if they could keep these delivery times it would be great.

– armoured packaging

– great contact from order to delivery

– I can’t really say anything about the software – I used third party software – their software isn’t perfect, but I did not delve into it.

So far only a small one – I noticed that solid black pages show some scratches or speckles after some time if a particle or speck of dirt gets between the pages – but other albums showed similar effects (blurb, xerox)