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Book sizes and formats

Our offer spans twelve different book sizes. Pick the one that fits your needs and personal preferences.

30×30 + 22×22 -a classic – the square is always hip. Ideal choice for albums with similar proportions of horizontal and vertical images.It’s also perfect for advanced album designs with multiple images on every page.

33×28 + 26×22 -Ideal for reportage and photojournalistic style photography, which usually involves horizontal framing. Perfect for images which benefit from a stylish “passe partout” presentation as well as those immersive shots which just have to go full bleed for the best viewer experience. This currently is our most popular format.

28×21 + 35×26 + 40×30 – 4:3. Another visual classic suited to horizontal framing.

30×20 + 40×27 – 3:2. Exact proportions of full frame 35 mm photography standard (most current DSLRs and rangefinders use it).

22×26 + 25×30 + 30×36* – vertical versions of our books.

* 30×36 available only in canvass cover (dust jacket not available, but you can order a strip cover)

Page sizes:

Below, you can find some basic guidelines regarding design and page sizes of our books. The values include bleed area and are given in millimetres. You can use these values when using third party software to design your albums.


album size in cmthe exact width of page in mmthe exact high od page in mm

Outside, top and bottom bleed values should be set to 3mm, margins to 12mm. Please do not include cut marks in the files and make sure you export single pages to your pdf (and not the entire spreads).

Cover templates

You can find our custom Photoshop actions in the download area of the client panel (you have to log in first). You can use them to create covers for any size and thickness of our books. All you need to do is start the action in Photoshop and provide the width of the spine (depends on the number of pages and paper).

Please remember that the guides in the file (in Photoshop these are cyan by default) mark the bleed lines of the cover. Whatever is in the cover bleed area (between the cyan lines and the edge of your document) may be cropped out during the printing & binding process and will probably not be visible on the cover. However – if you want your image to reach the edge of the cover, you have to align it to the edge of your document and past the bleed line (be careful with the „snap to” feature in Photoshop!) as it is necessary for the printing and binding process (the cover image layer is folded around the outer edge of the structural core of the cover)

Page templates

A zipped package with Tiff files containing all sizes of pages for our books is available in the download area of the client panel.