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Magda Wasiczek

Charming bugs by Magda Wasiczek – recognized by the photographic world for her incredible macro works.

Magda is a macro photographer and she focuses on making the final image as magical as it gets. The colours she achieves and the way she photographs are her truly unique trademark!
FlatBook, matte 200g coated paper, photo cover, end sheet 016.
album design: Paweł Nawrocki (KrukBook)

DSCF8933 DSCF8934 DSCF8935 DSCF8936 DSCF8937 DSCF8939 DSCF8940 DSCF8941 DSCF8943 DSCF8944 DSCF8945 DSCF8950 DSCF8962